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How Do I Find a Good Professional Photographer?

types of commercial photography

Ever wondered how to find that perfect professional photographer? Pittsburgh Commercial Photography and Corporate Photography with Harry Giglio and unravel the secrets to capturing the essence of your moments. Pittsburgh Commercial Photography and Corporate Photography maestro, Harry Giglio, advises starting with extensive research. Don’t just trust Facebook groups; explore websites, read reviews, and gather recommendations […]

How Many Types Of Commercial Photography are There?

types of commercial photography

Commercial photography, the art of visually storytelling products and services, is a vital aspect of modern business promotion. As the demand for visually appealing content rises, the need for skilled photographers becomes indispensable. But have you ever wondered how diverse the world of commercial photography truly is? What is Commercial Photography? Commercial photography encompasses various […]

Getting a little dirty…

MSA and Pipitone Group asked Harry Giglio Productions to shoot the new launch of the MSA safety harness. The concept was to photograph workers in an industrial setting wearing the full body harness. Harry Giglio is a Pittsburgh editorial, corporate and commercial photographer.  Harry Giglio Productions is a full service Pittsburgh video production company specializing […]

Roadside Bombs

An image from a recent assignment for Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. The story is about tramatic brain injuries in Iraq and Afghanistan that were never documented until 2 doctoral students unearthed the evidence. The vets I met and their stories were both painful and shocking.

Ordinary People

People often ask me if I photograph celebrities, actors or famous people…not really..but..the people I photograph are far, far from ordinary people. In this assignment with Johns Hopkins Hospital “famous” is defined in terms of saving lives.

The Power of Personality and Why You Need One

How is it even possible to select the right photographer or videographer these days? We’re all among a massive sea of photographers and videographers, all vying for the same clients. And it’s hard to really be different. Think about it. Whether we’re talking about editing style, how we shoot, the lighting we choose or even […]

You Belong’ Is Much More Than a Slogan to Eduardo Tobon

As humans, we need to belong – to one another, to friends and families, to our culture and country, to our world. Belonging is fundamental to our sense of happiness and well-being. It’s probably why Diners Club International chose ‘You Belong’ as its slogan. After all, a major credit card company would want its members […]

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