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harry giglio

How is it even possible to select the right photographer or videographer these days?

We’re all among a massive sea of photographers and videographers, all vying for the same clients. And it’s hard to really be different. Think about it. Whether we’re talking about editing style, how we shoot, the lighting we choose or even if we offer great customer service, all of these things are easily duplicated by others.
It’s like a riddle. So here’s one for you:
What do you get when you combine Heather Bresch, CEO of Mylan Laboratories, with a light, drizzling rain and just one hour to shoot a video, a speaking role and a few stills?

An epiphany! While there were many levels at play on the Mylan project, I came to realize that the most important tool any shooter has is his or her personality. For this particular project, it helped cement a new client opportunity. And this was after just one hour of shooting under demanding circumstances.

Personality is a powerful tool – and the one thing that simply can’t be duplicated. Sure, it’s still important to look at experience level and the talent for artful photography and video. But it’s really the shooter’s personality that’s key to making clients feel at ease – and more like themselves –when they have cameras pointed at them and lights hovering overhead.

So if you want your photography or video productions to truly ‘stand out,’ choose someone who’s not afraid to inject more of “them” into their work. As the saying goes, ‘Personality begins where comparison ends.’

Do you agree that personality counts in differentiating yourself in business? Or, have you ever hired a professional services partner based upon their personality? Tell us about your experiences in the comment section below!

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