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harry giglio

Walk With Me

A photographic journey throughout Italy

Book by Harry Giglio

For more than 38 years, HARRY GIGLO has been creating internationally recognized, Award-winning photography.

About the book

The moment I stepped off our plane in Italy, I reached down and placed my hand on the ground. It did not matter to me that it was an asphalt tarmac. I knew that 70 feet below my hand Roman soldiers once walked. I had come full circle. I had arrived home to the land of my ancestors. I was back to the land that made me a couple of generations ago and I delighted in the fact that everyone could pronounce my name. That is the fuel that drives my creative passion in Italy.


Harry Giglio

For more than 38 years, HARRY GIGLIO has been creating internationally recognized, award-winning photography.

His experiences have taken him from the jungles of South America to the vastness of Alaska, from the coal mines of West Virginia to the streets of Europe. Harry has photographed an endless variety of people: chief executives of Fortune 500 companies and chiefs of Lakota tribes, school children and the elderly, steel workers and foreign bankers.

Harry Giglio’s passion for photography began soon after he graduated from Carnegie-Mellon University with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts.

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